We bring to your door the European quality.

High quality windows and doors in the Canadian market now available. German technology made to measure for you at a very competitive price. Triple glazed windows, 6 bedrooms, mounted on an 82 mm frame, with superior thermal capacity. Passivehaus windows available.


Colors: more than 40 colors in PVC and more than 200 colors in ALUMINUM


Deadlines: about 9 weeks


A personalized service!


Exceptional after-sales service


When you are settled in the tranquility of your home, we will come back to greet you and make the final adjustments on your windows and doors, because we are concerned about the performance of our products and your satisfaction! That's what we offer!


The construction of a house involves choices as to the chosen insulation technique. The goal is always to reduce heating and cooling costs. An important part of the heat loss and heat gain is attributable to the windows. The thermal capacity of the window will be decisive in achieving a goal of energy savings.


Generally windows require a complete replacement or replacement of the glazing between 10 to 15 years. Argon leaks, steam sets in. The windows distributed by VST Euro Technologies offer durability and performance. You will not have to worry about the maintenance or replacement of your windows or glazing.


Good windows must have the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient of U [W / m 2K]. The lower value of the coefficient U generates the least heat loss through the windows. The heat is most often lost by the weakest part of the system. A weak link in the window is the framing (the profile).


Glass is also a factor that influences heat loss. The windows which keep the heat well have a value Ug = 1,0 W / m 2K or lower: The window SUPERthermo Ug = 0,5 W / m 2K.



In 2017, Salamander has 100 years of research and development experience. The technology we offer has proven itself!


MSline + windows, produced in compliance with the most modern technologies including automated lines for production. Windows  tailored to individual expectations. The freedom of choice: doors, braces, bars, handles, texture and colors, allows to obtain original solutions classic in their form, but with a unique character. With MSline + windows, the technique takes on color.


Whether the look is contemporary or rustic, our aluminum look or our wood grain finish in a multitude of colors will bring your projects to life!


SUPERtermo triple glazed windows 0.5 W / m2K, patented thermal reinforcements and CHROMATECH ultra * colored insulated frames have better thermal parameters and much wider range of feasibility than other more expensive "insulated" window systems .


A quote for your project will convince you of the excellent value for money.


Quality is now accessible!


Aluprof has 50 years of experience. The production facilities of Aluprof S.A. total 220,000 m2 and are equipped with modern facilities including automated lines for the production of thermally insulated profiles and modern and fully automated coating lines.


ALUPROF aluminum systems make it possible to manufacture several types of doors and windows according to the desired application and the specific requirements for functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, burglary resistance, fire resistance or to fumes.


Recognized for their excellent thermal performance, panel doors are another interesting proposition in the range of door and window systems.


ALUPROF systems offer not only structures with the most commonly used types of opening, that is: French-style opening or interior drop-out, but also lift-sliding patio doors and more.


A wide range of ALUPROF solutions is systematically developed to best meet the needs of contemporary architecture and the requirements of ever stricter standards and regulations.


  ALUPROF at the height of your creativity!